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VUGERA is an automotive industry-proven brand that produces original equipment
manufacturer (OEM) parts and premium aftermarket products. Founded in 2011, VUGERA is one of the leading dashcam manufacturers in South Korea
where dashcam take rates are very high due to insurers accepting footage as evidence in
claims while providing discounts on the annual insurance cost for the dashcam owner. As this demand trend emerges around the globe, VUGERA is seeking new challenges and
opportunities in a fast-changing world.



The VUGERA brand is owned by Carnavicom, a D-U-N-S registered company located in
South Korea. VUGERA Global is a 100% Australian owned global sales company distributing VUGERA
products worldwide. We are proud that all VUGERA products exported from South Korea
are also designed and tested in Australia. This enables us to take the brand to the next
level for improved quality management and customer satisfaction. Global customer experience is the new battleground for us. VUGERA will be tested and
challenged in many different markets around the world. We will always put our
customers first. We are committed to being chosen for reliable and trustworthy products.

No other investment is safer than VUGERA.