Product Warranty

Please refer to your product’s manual for warranty information.

As a rule, VUGERA dash cams and add-on products (e.g. rear camera) bear a standard 1-year warranty period. Memory cards are also covered by a 12-month warranty. All consumables such as tapes, cable clips, etc. are NOT covered by a warranty. If, within the warranty period, the malfunction is due to user’s negligence, repairs may be handled for a fee which will be informed to the customer in advance.

For product and warranty registration, a receipt or any proof of purchase will be required to determine the product warranty period. You must retain your purchase receipt or other proofs of purchase to receive warranty service by your authorized reseller.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: International warranty will only be honored on goods purchased from an authorized reseller in the same country of purchase. If you are not residing within the same country of purchase, please kindly consult your reseller for product assistance and technical support.

Extended Warranty

VUGERA offers a peace of mind 2-year with Extended Warranty to those customers that have purchased via an authorized reseller. The warranty registration must be made within 90 days of purchase to qualify for the Extended Warranty.

By registering your product within 90-days, you may extend your product (dash cam main body) and micro SD card warranty from 12 months to 24 months on applicable VUGERA product models.

[VUGERA F2K] A special 30-month Warranty applies on the F2K sold within the USA, Canada, Mexico, South-East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand markets. Customers that have officially purchased within these markets automatically receive a total 30-month Warranty on the F2K model.

Warranty Service

Warranty service is provided for malfunctions occurring within the warranty period. The customer must provide a copy of the original proof of purchase in order to obtain warranty service.

Warranty Replacement Process

IMPORTANT: Please read the Product Warranty leaflet that was provided in the product box.

●   Cosmetically damaged or defaced products are not eligible for warranty replacement.

●   Your authorised reseller does not accept responsibility for boxes, cartons or other parts damaged in transit.

●   Your authorised reseller will only accept a warranty replacement if the dashcam is returned with the original micro-SD card inserted.
       (or else the warranty will be denied and rejected)

●   Faulty micro SD cards can be returned alone in an envelope to the Authorised Reseller

●   We have sold over 1.3 million units (as of 2020). VUGERA dash cam defect rates are extremely low

Charged Service

●   Malfunction occurring after the warranty period.

●   Malfunction caused by user’s negligence (damage, disassembly, shocks, etc.).

●   Repair following damage occurring during shipment, accident, fire, and natural disasters, unauthorized repairs, tampering, cosmetic damage
       or other types of damage which are the result of improper handling or abuse.

Other Warranty regulations

Although our dash cams can be used as a recording device during accidents, we do not guarantee the proper recording of all videos in case of an accident. Accordingly, we are not responsible for losses due to damages of recorded files, recovery of lost files, and failure.