Authorized Reseller


Authorized resellers of VUGERA products around the world are required to purchase their stock from each official importer of each country. These are genuine products produced and endorsed by the manufacturer destined for each official importer and market. Every VUGERA has a serial number that relates to the official importer. These serial numbers are authorized for product warranty and technical support by each official importer in every country. Important notice to customers: Make sure that you purchase from an authorized VUGERA reseller!


All authorized products imported to each country by the official importer is a genuine export version packaged in English print materials and firmware. An officially imported product will comply to meet the EMC regulatory standards and arrangements set by each country. Illegal import and sale of an unauthorized product are prohibited. Non-compliance with regulatory standards and breach of the law could impose significant penalties or imprisonment. The unauthorized reseller could be required to perform mandatory product recalls and compensation to affected parties.
If you are interested in becoming a VUGERA reseller, wholesaler or distributor, please download the application form below and send it to your nearest country representative listed below.